Why go abroad?


Going abroad can be the experience of a lifetime!  It allows you to

  • appreciate different cultures
  • learn a new language
  • get a head start on working in the global market place
  • develop professional and personal skills
  • find out how others see Canada and to represent your country
  • see the world, meet new people and have fun!

Yong traveler

If you grow up in just one country, often your only impressions of foreign countries were gained during short vacations – staying in hotels and visiting tourist hotspots.


Going abroad for a longer period of time will give you the opportunity to really get to know a country, its language, and above all its culture. But more than that, it will give you the chance to find out who you are! Who are you outside your parents' house or hometown? Who are you in new surroundings? Are you curious to know what the world has in store for you? Do you dare to find out how a different country "works," what its people's habits are – and to experience it all with an open mind? How does it feel to be asked by people from all over the world: "So, where are you from? How is Canada compared to our country?"

Meet local people with different backgrounds, willing to show you their country as they experience it. Be part of the culture and life of a different country!

Aside from the personal benefits you will gain by living in a different country, you will also have a competitive advantage in the working world. Additional language skills, a sense for foreign cultures and customs, as well as a new level of independence acquired during a year abroad are all invaluable assets on the employment market. Let your CV speak for you and tell future employers that you dared to venture away from the safety of not only your home but even your home country – that you have extra skills and experiences giving you a more diversified perspective.

Job interview

A year abroad will not only broaden your personal horizon but help you diversify your profile and increase your attractiveness towards future employers.

And with the variety of Youth Mobility Programs available, you can choose what suits you best.



I first got interested in Germany when I was 16 (through a school trip) and wanted an opportunity to come back. So, I was thrilled to find a job in Germany that would allow me to experience the country and at the same time get some valuable and interesting work experience. My work has allowed me to be in touch with a younger generation and to realize how elevating it is.
Michel from New Brunswick – working as a teaching assistant.