Why go to Germany?


Ever thought of exploring Europe? Definitely don't miss Germany! Right in the middle of the continent, it is one of the best jumping-off points for your ventures across the continent. Gateway to both Eastern and Western Europe and one of the world's top trading nations, Germany is cosmopolitan and vibrant. Just find out for yourself!

happyrizzi_creative-germ.jpg Happy Rizzi House in Braunschweig © GNTO


Discover Germany’s dynamic urban landscapes – Berlin, the capital, and regional metropolises such as Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Leipzig — each has its own unique character. Granted, Berlin's nightlife is in a class on its own...

Not to forget Germany's smaller towns... many of them steeped in history, founded in the Middle Ages or even back in Roman times... some of them notorious for their student community and lifestyle... and a large number brimming with opportunities to practice sports and outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, wind surfing and mountain climbing, just to name a few... In short, Germany is for everyone!

Feeling apprehensive about the language? No need to be! Germany's students and young people are enthusiastic about travelling abroad, which means most have at least a basic knowledge of English. On the downside, Germans are notorious for switching to English once they realize their counterpart isn't a native speaker. Still, there's a strong incentive to learn the language: with more than 100 million German speakers in Europe, it's the continent's most spoken mother tongue!


Germany has one of Europe's most dynamic economies. German brands are recognized all over the world – and not just those for beer and cars! The country is known for its top-notch science and research and is on the leading edge of renewable energies and green technology. Germany is home to many international companies, which can make your job search easier.

And last but not least: Germany features 90 nature parks, 14 biosphere reserves and 15 national parks, two coastlines barely 50 km from each other yet completely different, and spectacular landscapes from the Wadden Sea to the Black Forest and the Alps. And all this in a country measuring about 850 km from north to south and 600 km from east to west...

Ready to explore? Germany is waiting for you!

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Working in Germany has been a truly rewarding experience. Teaching English to young students has helped me to develop many skills that will serve me well in the future. Also, living in Germany has made me appreciate the different cultural aspects and has given me the confidence to explore other cultures. Plus being based so centrally in Europe has been great (and affordable) for travelling to other countries.
Aanchal from Ontario – working with a theatre class.