Before you leave

A Checklist of Required Documents

  • Valid passport which should be valid for your entire stay in Germany (and 3 months beyond) and have enough free pages for the residence stamps.

    TIP: Make several copies of your passport for your own records and leave one with a family member or friend in Canada in case of loss or theft. To obtain a passport, contact your nearest Passport Canada Office or consult
  • Four additional passport-size photographs – useful for paperwork on arrival and helpful for other documents you may require, e.g. train pass, library card, etc.
  • Curriculum vitae if planning to work.
  • Proof of comprehensive insurance including both general health insurance coverage and emergency evacuation coverage.

    TIP: Ask your travel agent, financial institution or physician for options. Carry proof of insurance coverage and leave a copy with a family member or friend in Canada.
  • YMA visa for Germany – this is essential if you stay for more than three months and/or if you are working.

    TIP: You must apply for a YMA visa before leaving for Germany. Contact the appropriate German consulate general.

Plan Ahead!

4 to 5 Months Before

  • get to know Germany (language, population, geography, politics, etc.)
  • decide whether to make arrangements independently or with the assistance of a service provider
  • find the Youth Mobility Program that suits you best
  • research possible jobs and apply
  • work out your potential itinerary and budget

2 to 3 Months Before

  • make sure your passport is up to date
  • send in your application for a YMA visa
  • learn some German
  • research flight options and book once application approved
  • search for accommodation

1 to 2 Months Before

  • arrange for health and travel insurance
  • arrange for vaccinations, prescriptions, extra pair of glasses, etc.
  • arrange for access to your bank account(s) in Canada (e.g. make sure your debit card will work in Germany by checking with your bank)


I first got interested in Germany when I was 16 (through a school trip) and wanted an opportunity to come back. So, I was thrilled to find a job in Germany that would allow me to experience the country and at the same time get some valuable and interesting work experience. My work has allowed me to be in touch with a younger generation and to realize how elevating it is.
Michel from New Brunswick – working as a teaching assistant.